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TMP Request Form

Complete all fields with sufficient information to expediate the TMP application process and ensure a safe, compliant, and effective traffic plan is prepared for your project.
Please note that once prepared, TMP’s take 7-15 working days to be processed and approved by the RCA.

Name of Project (E.g., Event, Site, Development)

Primary Contractor (working space)

Company name
Primary contact name and position
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Principal (Client)

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Name and position
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Project details

Type of project
Excavation depth
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Description of project

Briefly explain the work processes/event and impact to the roading corridor. Identify services being installed and additional site contractors.
Working space
Reinstatement (Is a full road closure required? Can the carriageway be reinstated on unattended sites?)
Distance from carriageway (Works within 1m of the edge-line will require additional safety measures!)
Diversion (Can pedestrians be diverted behind the working space? Can the footpath be reinstated on unattended sites?)
What plant and equipment will occupy the working space? (5T Excavator, Hydrovac truck, Hiab truck, support vehicles, how will materials arrive on-site?)
Will Portable Traffic Signals be requested if a lane closure is required?

Location of project

Identify the address or area of the work activities/event. Provide street numbers or Roading Positions (RP’s) from the Mobile Roads App.

Project timeline

Please note that TMP’s take 7-15 working days to be processed and approved by the RCA.
Start Date
What is the scheduled project length? Provide a brief breakdown of days in each applicable zone of the roading corridor E.g. carriageway, berm, footpath.
Scheduled working/event hours


Please nominate parties associated with the application for assignment in Submitica. If nominated Contacts do not have an existing Submitica account we will also require
- Phone Number
- Email
- Organization
- Address of Organisation
Principal/Utility Operator Company and Contact
Primary Contractor Company and Contact
Bill Payer Company and Contact
Other Party Contractor Company and Contact (as required)

Upload plans and applicable documentation

Site plans, resource consent, engineering acceptance, License to occupy, ATWoSH
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